Kelly Park stretches along the Trinity River, including the two side levees and the floodplain between them, from just north of the White Settlement bridge for almost 1.5 miles to where it reaches Rockwood park at its northeastern end and Ohio Garden Road at its northern end.  Segments of the Trinity Trail system run along each of the levees, and Brookside Drive and Rockwood Park Drive parallel the sides of the park for most of the way [map].  The main development in the park, besides the trails, is the Kelly Park Baseball Field at the southern end.  The wooded area shown on the map as “Greenwood Memorial Park” is part of the Greenwood Cemetery and eventually will become part of the cemetery complex. 


            Crestwood Park is a beautiful little neighborhood park at the northeast corner of Kelly Park, at the intersection of Bailey Avenue and Rockwood Park Drive. 


            Photos of Kelly Park are here [photos].  Information on trees and shrubs and other natural features of Kelly Park will be added in spring 2010.