Scientific and technical editing and writing

* Written and published 380 scientific articles, including book chapters and small books†††

* Written numerous technical reports documenting completion of scientific contract work

* Written numerous "fact sheets" for various species on the USDA Plants Web site (e.g., Golden Currant)

* Written popular articles and monographs (e.g., Conservation Easements: An Alternative; Trees of Huntsville and Walker County, Texas)


* Originator (2010) and Editor of Phytoneuron (www.phytoneuron.net), an online journal for botanical publications

* Detailed knowledge of technical aspects of grammar and punctuation

* Familiar with APA, AP, and Chicago styles


* Edited and reviewed articles submitted to the journals Sida (in-house reviewer for 6 years) and Phytologia (now Associate Editor, Nomenclature)

* Reviewed several hundred articles submitted for various scientific journals (peer review, at editors' requests)

* Provided several hundred Latin translations as a service to fellow biologists (a brief Latin description or diagnosis is requisite for the valid publication of species new to science)



My research has primarily been directed toward recognition, definition, and identification of plant species and developing hypotheses regarding their evolutionary interrelationships.Development of classification systems are an integral part of this kind of research. Providing a stable nomenclature, following a system accepted by the scientific community, is also an important part of this discipline.My studies have mainly involved plants of the United States and Mexico, but I also have published studies at worldwide perspectives. Although my research has been based mainly on morphological evidence, I have collaborated in studies and publications centered on molecular data. In addition to the studies on evolution and classification, my publications include research on forest community structure and evolutionary phenomena such as seed dispersal, hybridization, and chromosome variation.


Teaching, training

* My education has mostly been in biology, centering primarily in plant morphology and evolution, but my background includes broader study of chemistry and biology, including organic chemistry, chemistry of secondary plant compounds, physiology, electron microscopy, and genetics. Iím current with the main developments in molecular genetics and have recently participated (2009 and earlier) as coauthor in studies based largely on molecular evidence.

* Taught at the college level at Stratford College, Memphis State University (tenured as Associate Professor), and the University of Texas (UT), Austin (adjunct faculty while Curator of the UT-Lundell Herbarium of the Plant Resources Center)

* Presented more than 30 research summaries at scientific meetings, as well as various nontechnical talks for community organizations and courses for adult education


Computer knowledge

* Microsoft Office (extensive use of Word; expertise in PowerPoint, Excel, Photoshop)

* Basic desktop publishing, using Microsoft Publisher and Adobe PageMaker

* Basic HTML; use of Typo3, Kompozer for Web site development

* Former programmer in Basic and DBase II and III

* Extensive knowledge and use of internet resources




†† Postdoctoral 1980-81: Ohio State University, Columbus


†† Ph.D. 1980: Systematic Botany

††††† University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill


†† M.A. 1970: Systematic Botany

††††† University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill


†† B.A. 1967: Psychology/Biology

††††† Davidson College, Davidson, North Carolina