Two views of the natural drainage along the E-W trending spur of the trail at the northern end of the park. 
Drainage through the central part of the park.  Tanglewood Elementary is off the left (W side) of the photo. 
Large Berlandier's ash at the northern terminus of the trail.  Hartwood Drive is to the left (N side).  The smaller tree to the left is the same species. 
One of the largest bur oaks in the park.  The same tree is in the photo below.
Grove of naturally occurring trees near Belaire -- cedar elm (the most common native tree in the park) with bur oak and scattered Texas ash. 
Coralberry, a native shrub that probably is a remnant here of the original vegetation.  At the basketball court across from Tanglewood Elementary. 

Chinese photinia volunteering in the thicket beside mowed area near the northern end of the trail.  This species is planted in profusion all over town and is beginning to appear naturally in many places, in Fort Worth and elsewhere in the state.  In contrast, apparently neither the red-tip photinia or Japanese photinia escapes from cultivation, although both also are planted in great abundance. 

North entrance to Foster Park, along Overton Drive East.
Pond near south end of Foster Park. 
Overton Park, divergence of trail just south of Belaire.
The stump immediately to the left of the bball goal (close-up below) is a cedar elm that was blown over in a 2008 storm.  The tree was slightly more than 100 years old (by ring count with lens) -- it was near the upper end of size (in circumference) for this part of the park, but others, including the one behind the goal post, are equally large. 
Overton bridge, south of Belaire.  Photo by Genevieve, 2008
Cedar elms, Overton Park.  Photo by Genevieve, 2008
Bridge across Overton Creek,' at the bball court/playground area.  The tree overhanging the bridge is an American elm. 
Trail along E-W spur. 
Large bumelia between bball court and Hartwood Drive, W side.
Cedar elm stump at bball court --- it's aliiiive!!!  Stump sprouts have appeared after nearly a year of dormancy.