Miniature Railroad Depot and concession stand.  The train makes a stop here and will pick up passengers if there are seats available. 
Forest Park Miniature Railroad.  Great tree scenery!  It begins at the Forest Park Depot, goes across the Trinity River and into Trinity Park as far as the Duck Pond before turning back on its return to Forest Park.
Trail through Trinity Park.  River is to the right, the Thicket to the left.
Miniature RR tracks -- the Thicket immediately to the left, river much further to the right.
A bur oak in Trinity Park, looking up. 
Bridge over path in "front woods" -- University Drive is to the right
Path through "front woods" in Trinity Park --- University Drive is to the left.
Path entrance to Thicket corridor from the cul-de-sac end.  Large American elm on left, Shumard oak on the right.  Native bamboo along the edge on the right.
The keep-on-going American elm.